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Top Resources to teach about Australian animals

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Watch, look, listen and count!

Experience the rhythm of life in the bush as Joey and his mum go about their day.

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What do you call a baby...? is an entertaining way for all children to learn the nouns that describe some of our iconic Australian baby animals.

Baby frogs are called tadpoles, but what do we call a baby goanna, a baby eagle, or a baby echidna? This stunning title introduces young children to their amazing names — hatching, eaglet and puggle.

Bin Salleh's exquisite illustrations and pastel colour palette captures the tender bond of an animal 'parent and baby' and makes this little book a truly delightful journey of discovery.

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This remarkable book is more than an A to Z of Australian animals. It is a spectrum of every feeling under the sun - from wonder to vanity, from weariness to delight - and every one of these passions can be found between the covers of a book... if only you take the time to have a look.

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A great introduction to Australian fauna, children won’t be able to resist patting and touching our range of ring bound tactile Australian Animal tiles. Intricately engraved with beautifully designed animals that include a tactile insert (approx. 4.5 cm diameter), imitating each animals fur, feathers or skin.

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Frisbee is an exquisitely soft and realistic Squirrel Glider plush toy.

This beautiful airbrushed gliding possum soft toy has a loop on her back should you wish to hang her up. Frisbee measures 36cm/14″ in length including the tail or 19cm/7.5″ without the tail and 6cm/2.5″ in height. Her wingspan is 24cm/9.5″.

Squirrel gliders are a wrist-winged glider and are unique to Australia. They are very similiar to Sugar Gliders.

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These simple two piece puzzles feature beautiful vibrant images of Australian animals, as well as their name. They are a great introduction for young children to a variety of animals, some of which they might already be familiar with, as they can be found in or around our neighborhoods and towns.

Furry - a collection of furry animals from land, sky and sea. They include a brushtail possum, koala, quokka, quoll, bat, wombat, fur seal, kangaroo and echidna.

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Noel and Trish Butler share stories and songs through their knowledge of Country to create a better understanding of all creatures in our environment. This helps us all to embrace our responsibility to put a greater value on the importance of looking after Country, the land we stand on, our home.

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The Koori Curriculums Galah Finger Puppet is a great low cost affordable prop that can be used in multiple ways to embed Aboriginal perspectives in play and in early childhood curriculums. This resource is open ended and the possibilities for play are endless. We recommend using the Galah Finger puppet to make reading and language group experiences engaging and fun for young children.

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Pam Hall is a Bundjalung artist from Baryulgil, a small Aboriginal community in northern New South Wales. Pam's art is inspired by stories and myths passed on to her childhood, by her grandmother. Vivid display of colour reflects images of flora and fauna throughout her work.

Tip: Great to use as an art provocation

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Stunning one of a kind Australian Animal decorations. Put them on the Christmas tree, or slip it into a Christmas card and send it overseas to family and friends.

Every set of decorations is unique and will be different. Remember lucky dips as a kid? Now you get to have a lucky dip with authentic Aboriginal art animal decorations as each one is very different.

The photos are example decorations. Every set of decorations will be different in colour, textures and artwork.

Tip: These can be used as storytelling props, as art provocations and in small world play.

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