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Are you a Family Day Care Educator seeking ways to meaningfully embed an Aboriginal perspective in your program? The Koori Curriculum has developed a ten-day challenge to help lay a strong foundation and get you off and running.

Our ten-day challenge:
  • Supports educators to unpack why embedding Aboriginal perspectives is important
  • Assists educators to create a meaningful Acknowledgement of Country
  • Demonstrates how Aboriginal perspectives can be embedded within children’s interests
  • Tips for creating a bush tucker garden
  • Provides prompts and templates that can be used for reflection such as the Koori Curriculum Resource Audit
  • Support in goal setting and writing a Reconciliation Statement
And much more!

Our Ten Day Family Dare Care Challenge is a combination of guides, resources and videos developed by Director of the Koori Curriculum Jessica Staines specifically for Family Dare Care Educators. This program is being run exclusively on Facebook where educators will gain LIFETIME ACCESS to the content and community all for the cost of only $10.

The content is available for self-paced learning. Educators may wish to complete the ten steps in ten days or in a time frame that is better suited to them.

Facebook Group Access:

  • The 10-Day challenge is run in a Facebook Group (This is the best way to participate but if you do not use Facebook see below for another option)
  • You must provide the email address your ticket was purchased with to be approved to join the group (check your emails and invoices prior to requesting access to know what that email is)
  • The content is available for self-paced learning
  • You may wish to complete the ten steps in ten days or in a time frame that is better suited to you (it's your choice)

How to access the 10-Day Challenge:

  1. After you purchase the challenge you will be sent an email advising how to access the content for the challenge.
  2. In case you miss this email we will also follow up with an SMS.
  3. Then for the next 10 days, we will drop into your inbox with a reminder for the day's content ahead.


No Facebook Access:

  • While the best way to compete in the 10-Day challenge is via Facebook, we do have the option for you to access the challenge on a different platform. However, please note some of the activities and discussions are not able to be completed on the alternative platform such as sharing images and engaging with your fellow challengers.
  • There is no price difference for completing the 10-Day challenge on the alternative platform.
  • Please contact after purchase to be added to the alternative platform.
Important: If you purchased access on behalf of another educator, please contact with their details so they receive communications.


Family Day Care 10-Day Challenge FAQ:

Q: How do I access the challenge after I purchase it?


  1. After you purchase the challenge you will be sent an email advising how to access the content for the challenge.
  2. In case you miss this email we will also follow up with an SMS.
  3. Then for the next 10 days, we will drop into your inbox with a reminder for the day's content ahead.
  4. Please ensure you mark as a safe sender to avoid important emails going into your junk

Q: How long is the 10-day challenge?

A: The challenge is 10 days in duration containing videos, activities, discussion points, resources and more.

Q: You stated that the 10-day challenge has lifetime access, what does this mean?

A: The challenge is available to you for as long as Koori Curriculum chooses to have the content available for consumption. We will give ample notification before we remove access to the content.

Q: Can I ask questions during the 10-day challenge?

A: Yes. The Koori Curriculum team is in the Facebook group and will respond to your questions.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: Yes, via AfterPay. Choose AfterPay at checkout for more details.

Q: Is there a group rate?

A: No there is no group rate for the 10-day challenge.

 Q: Can I share my individual access with other people?

A: No. Access is specific to each individual.

Q: I have purchased the 10-day challenge on behalf of someone on my team, how do I update their email address for communications?

A: Please contact us at including the email address used for the purchase and the new email address.

Q: I have purchased multiple access for the 10-day challenge for my team, how do I ensure they are sent their link to join?

A: Please contact us at including your order number and the email addresses to be included in communications.

Q: Do you offer refunds on the 10-day challenge?

A: We are confident that once access the 10-day challenge, you'll be sure you made the right decision. If you have accidentally purchased the 10-day challenge twice (it happens) please contact us at

Q: I can no longer attend the 10-day challenge on the date I chose, can I reschedule?

A: Yes, you can change to a different date for the challenge, please let us know via email at - if the challenge has already started you have lifetime access so you can pick it back up where you left off at any stage.

Q: Who do I contact for any queries?

A: You can reach us at and one of our team will respond within 1 business day.

Q: Is the 10-day challenge live and do I need to attend at a certain day or time, or will recordings be available?

A: No the 10-day challenge is not live, you can access as you want.

Q: Are copies of the books mentioned in the 10-day challenge part of the price?

A: No. The books mentioned in the 10-day challenge are not included, some of the books are able to be purchased in the Koori Curriculum store, and others can be purchased through book retailers such as Amazon or through the author's website directly.

Q: I am a member of the Koori Curriculum Club, should I purchase the 10-day challenge?

A: Yes. If you would like to join in on the challenge please do so. The 10-day challenge is not part of your membership and is purchased separately.

Q: What happens if I have technical issues with the 10-day challenge?

A: Please contact us at and one of our team will respond as quickly as they can to support you during the live event.

Q: Can I download or record the 10-day challenge?

A: No. We do not allow downloading or recording of our 10-day challenge.

Q: Are the live webinars NESA accredited?

As of 5th February 2021, NESA deregistered all early childhood providers and any courses they had accredited, this included any offered by the Koori Curriculum.

Information about the new processes for accreditation of PD courses, including course content criteria, is expected to be available on the NESA website around mid-July 2021 and applications will open shortly after that time. We aim to apply for accreditation during this time.

Early Learning Educators are able to log completed hours under Elective PD course hours as they will count equally for teachers who are completing their Maintenance of Accreditation in 2021 and 2022:

Should you have any further queries on this, please reach out to the Department of Education directly on +61 2 9367 8291 or email on

Q: I have previously purchased a live webinar from Koori Curriculum, how do I access a newly purchased live webinar?

A: You will receive an email with a link to join the live webinar 1 week prior to the event.