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The Koori Curriculum is a multiple award winning Aboriginal early childhood consultancy based on the Central Coast, NSW. Consultants at the Koori Curriculum facilitate a range of professional development programs and workshops for educators that help guide the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives in early childhood curriculums.

The Koori Curriculum is operated by Jessica Staines a Wiradjuri woman, early childhood teacher and passionate educational community member, with ties to many advocacy groups on both national and international platforms.

Jessica and the team at Koori Curriculum continue to innovate and create new and diverse ways to reach educators across Australia and the world, adding to the ever expanding suite of products and services including podcasts, educational resources, exclusive publications, webinars, online summits, conferences, in-services and planning days.

 To learn more about how the Koori Curriculum can support you and your team email info@kooricurriculum.com


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Outstanding Education Service

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Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

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Best Educational Service

Small Business Innovation Award Finalist

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“Jess reached out to the preschools in the Northern Rivers area after the 2022 floods, offering her knowledge and support. She committed to fundraising through a GoFundMe page to help the affected services reopen and rebuild. In addition to fundraising, she also generously donated many resources to our services, Jess is always generous with her time and committed to creating safe spaces for Aboriginal children to thrive and be immersed in their culture.”

Cath Gillespie from Evans Head Preschool


“We have worked with Jess and Koori Curriculum for many years, and now we continue to use their resources to update our knowledge and support new team members. Jess has designed resources that everyone can engage in, as a teacher she understands the work of educators, so we have always found the content relevant. Koori Curriculum is the place to go to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.”

Su Garrett, Explore & Develop Annandale


"Koori Curriculum is my 'go to' resource for connecting the little one with her culture, be it through books and toys purchased via the website or tips on connecting with the community thanks to Jess's updates on Facebook."

Jo Hodgson


"I recently purchased from Koori Curriculum. I chose this company because we were in need of some Indigenous inspired books that were also child friendly which we could link to children’s development. I found working with Koori Curriculum to be an enjoyable experience as they assisted me with many ideas I wanted to achieve. This is a great company which provide many amazing resources and I would definitely purchase more products soon.”

Kristine Evdokias


"Living in the Central West of NSW on beautiful Wiradjuri country can sometimes present issues with accessing high quality professional development. Jessica Staines from the Kooricurriculum has developed and provided amazing, down to earth, inclusive opportunities online. Using these resources, I have developed my understandings of how to embed aboriginal culture into the everyday practice of our centre with the team of educators. Individual, small group or even whole team training can be organised. The opportunities provided by Jess have also enabled me to participate in an online yarning circle to discover and share ideas of inclusive and progressive practice alongside other early childhood educators from around Australia. This really has been a new way of learning and sharing for me but has been the key to opening many doors!"

Heather Brady
Yarrawong Preschool and Early Education Centre


“Thank you to the Koori Curriculum for the quick delivery of your beautiful resources. They are well loved within our service. The plush toys are of high quality, so soft to touch and life like! I love following your page and learn so much from you. The art workshop I attended conducted by Jess was brilliant. The right mixture of information and hands on experiences to support further learning. I highly recommend the Koori Curriculum for any staff wishing to learn further about Aboriginal perspectives in Education. Thank you”

 Heidi May


“Thank you, Jessica and your team, for teaching us how to embed indigenous perspective into our centre every day. Your teachings through webinars, posts and events have given my team real, true and honest knowledge and understanding so know we feel more confident that we are teaching with respect and in a respectful way to all our first nation people. we are forever thankful knowing everything we buy from you are authentic and are delivered on time and are very well priced. we recommended koori curriculum to everyone who wishes to learn and have a better understanding of Indigenous culture.”

Kerry Strickland


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jess for hosting our webinar tonight (working with Aboriginal Families and Communities). As a newbie to the educator industry, I value the words and advice you gave and will be taking it on board! As an Anglo person who grew up learning the wrong side of history, I appreciate any chance I get to expand and learn, will be recommending Koori Curriculum to anyone and everyone!”

Chelsea Decena Sanchez

“Has been a wonderful place to continue to learn about and connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, with respect and genuine inclusive discussion and shared ideas. Has impacted the way I do my work in education and care. An absolute game changer in the education space.”

Prudence Charlesworth Featherbe

I love that I can trust the teaching resources from this Koori Curriculum and know that what I pay goes to First Nations creators. I also appreciate the safe space to ask questions to be able to be a better teacher. Jessica is very knowledgeable and responsive and will point you in the right direction.”

Seaneen Watts

“Easily one of the best resources out there for embedding Indigenous perspectives into teaching little ones. Every early childhood educator should be accessing their webinars. Great selection of books too!”

Sharon Baldwin

“Every experience I have had with Koori Curriculum has been supportive, knowledgeable and highly respectful and professional. I highly recommend to Koori Curriculum no matter if it’s buying resources, learning resources or gaining knowledge. The whole team are wonderful.”

Pamela West