Educators Don't Celebrate

This is what Get up, Stand up and Show up looks like!
This year Educators all over Australia responded to the Koori Curriculums call to action "Educators Don't Celebrate". This campaign is a statement that educators should not be celebrating Australia on the 26th of January which is a national day of mourning for Indigenous peoples. The educators who took part walked the talk and moved from safe to brave by standing in solidarity and showing alliance to First Nation peoples and communities.
Thank you!
How Educators can Get up, Stand up and Show up after Jan 26th:
  • Continue to review and address centre policies and practices that marginalise and discriminate against Indigenous families.
  • Share information and educate those within your centre community regarding First Nation current affairs and issues
  • Consider how you can continue to acknowledge significant dates throughout the calendar year:
  • Engage in Anti Bias approaches by challenging stereotypes and racism.
  • Privilege Aboriginal perspectives in your curriculum so the future generation grows up knowing and doing better then what we did.