What do you call a baby...? is an entertaining way for all children to learn the nouns that describe some of our iconic Australian baby animals.

Baby frogs are called tadpoles, but what do we call a baby goanna, a baby eagle, or a baby echidna? This stunning title introduces young children to their amazing names — hatching, eaglet and puggle.

Bin Salleh's exquisite illustrations and pastel colour palette captures the tender bond of an animal 'parent and baby' and makes this little book a truly delightful journey of discovery.

Dingo is headed somewhere looking excited, and the other animals want to know where he's going. Dingo won’t say, so the others follow along in hot pursuit – two nosy numbats, three flying frogs, four burrowing bilbies … The animals are in for a surprise when Dingo’s final destination is revealed on the last page.

As well as being a counting book, this is a seek-and-find story. There is one aboriginal artefact plus one non-native animal on each colourful spread

These simple two piece puzzles feature beautiful vibrant images of Australian animals, as well as their name. They are a great introduction for young children to a variety of animals, some of which they might already be familiar with, as they can be found in or around our neighborhoods and towns.

Furry - a collection of furry animals from land, sky and sea. They include a brushtail possum, koala, quokka, quoll, bat, wombat, fur seal, kangaroo and echidna.

18 pieces - approx. 11.5 x 5.5cm ($3.20/pair)

2 yrs +

It was a sunny day in the Australian bush and a happy place indeed for many of the animals that lived there. They were all playing and having fun. No-one saw the little animal sitting alone under a small tree.

Look Learn Sing Dance - Trish & Noel Butler

Noel and Trish Butler share stories and songs through their knowledge of Country to create a better understanding of all creatures in our environment. This helps us all to embrace our responsibility to put a greater value on the importance of looking after Country, the land we stand on, our home.

Painted Wooden Animals - Set of 9

These gorgeous native animals are our most popular item! 100% handmade and durable to lasts for years to come these are the perfect kid’s toys to promote recognition, imagination and opened ended play.

These animals are hand cut onsite one by one and handprinted and designed giving you are unique piece just for your space.

There are 20 animals in the set, if you wish to have the full set we suggest ordering 2 sets of 10.

  • Material: pine
  • Dimensions / weight: 1.2cm thick
  • Made on Wurundjeri Country

*Please Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade from natural materials therefore imperfections are part of the charm and individuality. A slight variation in colours or scents may occur.

Finger Puppet Range

The Koori Curriculums Finger Puppet range is a great low cost affordable prop that can be used in multiple ways to embed Aboriginal perspectives in play and in early childhood curriculums.

This resource is open ended and the possibilities for play are endless. We recommend using the Finger puppets to make reading and language group experiences engaging and fun for young children.

Additionally, our Finger Puppet range is suitable for use as a :

  • Resource to use during play in a construction area
  • Prop in small world dramatic play
  • Puppet in dramatic play
  • Resource for a puppet show
  • Resource in an Australian animal interest/learning station
  • Provocation on art table
  • Prop for singing songs

Hand Puppet Range

Hansa is renowned the world over for it’s true to life recreations of the worlds most loved animals.

From the Australian collection, we have a broad range of Australian animal puppets that will snuggle into your little ones arms and light up their heart.

Designed with wildlife experts and brought to life with meticulous attention to detail our adorable Australian animal Puppets are perfect for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and social-emotional connections.

Plush Toy Range

Featured in our travelling mascots program  these stunning plush toys are perfect for embedding an Aboriginal perspective in the playroom and at home.

Meticulously made with incredible attention to detail your little one will find their favorite to bring home and wrap in their arms

Perfect for ages 3 and up, supervision recommended for children under 3 years old.