As a dedicated educator, you understand the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives in your teaching practice.

To support you on this journey, Koori Curriculum offers a wide range of STEM resources specifically designed to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives in your classroom.

Their products promote an understanding of Indigenous cultures and foster a deeper connection to the land, to help you effectively embed Aboriginal perspectives in your STEM program.

Dr Bronwyn Bancroft Books


Dr Bronwyn Bancroft is a proud Bundjalung Woman, visual artist and well-renowned book illustrator. Bancroft’s books are well-loved by the Aboriginal and early childhood community alike. Over her career spanning several decades, she has produced over forty children’s books that embrace several numeracy, literary and STEM concepts.



Learning about and working with your local Aboriginal seasons is a fantastic way to teach children about ecology as well as natures rhythms and patterns.

Regardless of whether these particular resources are relevant to your local nation you will be able to use them as a springboard that supports children to notice and observe natures signs and signals.

Using resources that are not from your nation also allows educators to support children’s understanding of the diversity of First Nations Peoples.

Tools and Weapons


At Koori Curriculum we are strong believers that children should be exposed to a range of both fiction and non-fiction books.

Having the following resources available will develop children’s understanding of Aboriginal engineering and construction practices.



At Koori Curriculum we have a number of resources that support children’s emerging math skills that celebrate Aboriginal culture.

Resources for Educators and Parents


Whilst we are developing children’s STEM knowledge it is also important that we strengthen our own.

The following are some great resources for Educators and Parents.