Dallas was very excited when he saw the Clay-Doh in this month’s ambassador pack.

The fact that it was a neutral, earthy colour rather than the bright colours of other commercial playdough brandsimmediately caught his attention.

The accessory kit was a big hit and Dallas wasted no time settingit all up. Using the rolling pin, Dallas flattened the Clay-Doh.

“Now it looks like a map, I’m going to create a map of Wiradjuri country” he explained. Dallas created a river by splitting the Clay-Doh into 2 sections and used the stamps and wooden cutouts to create the camp and hunting areas.

EYLF Outcome 5.3–Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

Evanna also had a turn at exploring Clay-Doh.

Having nevertouched playdough of any sort before, she was very curious.

She enjoyed poking her fingers into it and watching the Clay-Doh move as she manipulated it.

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The Wiradjuri are the people of the three bila (rivers) and their nguram-bang (Country) is the second largest in Australia. Come with Uncle Larry Brandy on an enlightening journey through his Countryâs rivers, woodlands, grasslands and rocky outcrops, as well as the murri-yang (sky world).

Along the way, young readers will encounter animals such as bila-durang (platypus), and maliyan (wedge-tailed eagle), plants like the maybal (grass tree) and yirany (yam daisy), and discover stories like that of Tiddalik the giant frog. They will learn how Wiradjuri people lived on their Country, using the flower spikes of the grass tree as spears, soaking its flowers in water to make a sweet drink and weaving its leaves into baskets.

This is a unique book combining language, culture, Indigenous history and storytelling, written by a Wiradjuri author. It features colour photographs of animals, plants and habitats, as well as illustrations by Indigenous artists Kristie Peters and Scott âSauceâ Towney.

Clay-Doh Kit is a unique designed set for booris (kids) to begin exploring their touch and feel senses. This kit has been created to combine sensory development with the inclusion of culture.

Yaali Clay-Doh Kit includes;

  • 300g Natural Clay-Doh, Non-Toxic (random colour)

  • 1 Natural Wooden Roller

  • 5 Natural Wooden Figures

  • 6 Natural Wooden Clay-Doh Stamps

  • Cotton Carry Bag