Betsy - Plush Koala Size 28cm/11″

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My name is Betsy ...

Betsy is another favourite of our Australian-quality stuffed animal souvenirs.  She is a premium quality Koala plush toy in a sitting position. Extra silky and soft handmade stuffed Koala Bear toy.

We only live in Australia because they feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves. We are marsupials like kangaroos and wombats. Marsupial means that our little joeys are kept safe in the mother’s tummy pouch until they are five months old.

Betsy measures 28cm/11″ in height.

May be claimed under 0103 Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety (Code# 03-040000919-0103-1-1) or 0112 Assistive Equipment for Recreation.

  • Beautiful hand made loveable gift
  • Lifelike and cuddly koala plush toy
  • Made using the highest quality acrylic fur
  • Machine washable using chemical/soap-free cleaning agent
  • Suitable for ages 3+

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"We purchased a soft koala for our 18 month olds to have to take home... after much researching on the page they picked the koala. We have called our koala gula after researching a name. Gula goes everywhere with our 18 month olds even helps them feel safe at rest time.

Thank you for amazing resources."
Steph Selmes

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