Are you feeling overwhelmed on how to respectfully Include Aboriginal perspectives in your curriculum?

Gain the assurance and strategies you need to begin with confidence through our "Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives" live webinar.

"Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives"

Join Jessica Staines, Director of the Koori Curriculum for a live webinar on "Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives".

“We know we should but we don’t know how!” is a common statement made by many well-meaning educators in reference to Aboriginal programs. When embedding Aboriginal perspectives, educators can be overwhelmed and anxious as they're so worried about doing the wrong thing that it becomes debilitating.

In this live webinar, Jess aims to build your cultural confidence and capacity by demonstrating ways to meaningfully and respectfully include Aboriginal perspectives in your everyday programming curriculum.

Limited spaces are available for each webinar, so get in quick to join Jess and build your cultural confidence and capacity.

Please note: the webinar will be live and not recorded.

"Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives"

Please email for group bookings of 21 or more

What Educators Are Saying

"Thank you so much for offering accessible, informative PD!"

- Holly Caddy

"There were so many amazing ideas shared throughout the webinar. As a team we reflected after the session discussing what we do already and how we could make changes to our program."

Maree Maurer

"I took away with me so many important and interesting information from the training "

Yasmin Holloway Blacker

"I feel a lot more confident embedding Indigenous culture into my curriculum now and I am particularly looking forward to telling stories outdoors using marks, rather than relying on the actual book. The children will gain so much from these experiences."

Catherine Turbill

"From the training I have been able to see different perspectives and simple things I can do, to embed this more authentically into my program "

Nicola Walker

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Are you wanting to respectfully embed Aboriginal perspectives in your program?

In my private membership group, The Koori Curriculum Club, you’ll get amazing support to assist in the development of your centres Aboriginal programs, with regular Member mentoring sessions, lesson plans and master classes.