Are you wanting support to share culture meaningfully with infants?

Whilst it can be daunting to embed Aboriginal perspectives in your program, we know it can be particularly challenging for educators working with infants. In our experience, we find that many educators working with 0-1’s struggle to find age-appropriate and meaningful ways to share culture with this age group.

Join us for a transformative live webinar tailored for educators working with infants, designed to equip educators with the skills and knowledge they need to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into their curriculum.

This session will include:

  •    Cultural relevance: Understand the significance of cultural relevance in the early years, learning to construct educational experiences that reflect and respect the diverse histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

  •   Inclusive Practice: Discover how to fluidly integrate Aboriginal perspectives within your program. Learn how to thoughtfully weave cultural elements throughout learning experiences rather than adding on as an afterthought.

  •    Hands-on practical tools: Gain practical advice on including Indigenous knowledge in daily activities, from creating culturally rich environments to developing curriculum content that respects and celebrates First Nations cultures.

  •    Cultural Confidence: Educators will learn to navigate and alleviate the common concerns and challenges of incorporating Aboriginal perspectives, particularly in settings with very young children.

  •    Designed for infants: Participants will receive guidance on practical, respectful ways to introduce cultural concepts that resonate with infants, fostering early respect and appreciation for Indigenous culture.

Led by Jessica Staines, director of the multi-award-winning Koori Curriculum and a passionate advocate for inclusive education, the webinar will provide personal insights and strategies developed through direct experience in both professional and personal settings.

This session is suitable for:

  •   Educational Leaders

  •   Early Childhood Educators

  •   Infant and Toddler specialists

  •   Family Dare Care Educators

  •   Parents and Carers

  •   Anyone interested in how to share Aboriginal culture with infants!

Prepare to transform your educational approach and practice. Our session will provide you with the tools to effectively integrate Indigenous perspectives into your teaching, helping you construct a learning environment that is not only inclusive but also celebrative of Australia's First Nations cultures.

Secure your spot today, and take a significant step towards becoming a more culturally capable educator.

Links to EYLF:

Outcome 1.1: Children feel safe, secure and supported when they for example access resources that support cultural diversity, family structures and gender identities.

Outcome 1.1: Children feel safe, secure and supported when educators enable children to see their culture in the environment, e.g: Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander art from the local region, cultural events that are significant to a child’s life.

Outcome 2.2: Children respond to diversity with respect. Educators support this learning when they for example ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources are genuine and appropriate

Outcome 3.2: Children become strong in their physical learning and mental wellbeing. Educators promote this learning when they for example draw on diverse family and community experiences and expertise to include familiar games and physical activities in play.

Outcome 3.3: Children are aware of and develop strategies to support their own mental and physical health and personal safety. Educators support this learning when they for example create culturally safe and appropriate learning experiences and spaces e.g. reflect children’s cultures in the setting.

Please note: the webinar will be live and not recorded.

"Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives with Infants"

Please email for group bookings of 21 or more

What Educators Are Saying

"One of the best live PD’s I’ve done "
- Chelsea Martin

"It was really insightful and has definitely been an eye opening experience, especially how we as a centre and community build relationships and support/engage with Indigenous communities."

Madison Dunstone

"All the interesting ways of adding the Aboriginal Perspective in all areas of play in an inclusive way. What stands out is the loose part ideas, the way Aboriginal art was displayed ie lift the flap, creating percussion with nature, the displays of books and animals that are an extension of a child's interest."

Alexia Pefkos

"I enjoyed the PD and will share the information gathered. I have to say that after attending the PD I feel confident in saying that we are embedding Aboriginal Perspectives into program and practice in the infant room really well and with confidence. It was fabulous to also learn so much new information which I will share with my team."

Karin Jarrett

"Loved the sensory and loose parts suggestions, loved the personal view points, will do more Koori Curriculum training at our 2 centres."

Tanisha Norman

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