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Introducing "Letters from Shirley Pearl and her Bush Friends"

Are you looking for an exciting and educational way to introduce children to the rich culture of Aboriginal peoples? Look no further than "Letters from Shirley Pearl and her bush friends "! This engaging letter subscription program takes children on a remarkable adventure with Shirley as she learns about Country and culture.

This program is a journey that spans across 12 months, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive experience. With each letter, children will be taken on an adventure with Shirley and her family where they will meet Australian animal bush friends and be introduced to different aspects of Aboriginal culture.

Through the adventures of Shirley, children will gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture and develop a sense of respect and appreciation for the land and its Traditional Owners.

You have the option to choose between email or post delivery for the letters, allowing children to eagerly anticipate the arrival of their monthly adventure. Whether they choose to read the letters alone or enjoy them as a group, each experience is sure to encourage curiosity, respect, and a love for Country.

Letters are posted on the 1st of each month. If you prefer a letter via email, click here

3 Subscription Options:

  • Monthly: $12.10 once a month
  • 6 Monthly: $60.50 once every 6 month
  • 12 Monthly: $121 once every 12 months

Please note:

  • You will be billed once a month, every 6 months or every 12 months depending on what option you choose.
  • The selected subscriptions will be charged to your nominated payment option at your selected frequency, please ensure your account has sufficient funds for processing
  • Failed payments older than 15 days may result in the remaining payments on your payment plan being charged in full
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing however refunds will not be processed for any months remaining on your paid subscription - i.e. if you purchase a 6 month subscription and cancel at month 4 you will not be refunded for the remaining 2 months

Are you a Koori Curriculum Club Member?

As our commitment to cultural education is unwavering, Koori Curriculum Club members are rewarded with an exclusive 20% discount for joining Shirley Pearl on her voyages via postage, however, all members will receive free monthly email adventures as part of their membership. It's our way of saying thank you for your dedication to cultural diversity and learning.

Let Shirley Pearl and her bush friends be your child's guides as they embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery and cultural understanding. Subscribe to "Letters from Shirley Pearl and her bush friends " today and foster children’s knowledge, respect, and appreciation for Aboriginal peoples and culture.



"Thankyou so much. We read Shirley Pearl’s letter today in our preschool room. The children were really interested and loved the Goombawa song. It was a lovely way to embed an Aboriginal perspective into our afternoon group time."

Roslyn Moore

"Today I introduced Shirley Pearl to my 3 year old's and read them the letter. They were so enthralled in Shirley’s adventure and asked lots of questions as we were reading the letter. We also listened to the song by Trish and Noel Butler and then they asked to listen again with lots of the children singing along the second time. When I asked if they wanted to write back to Shirley they were so excited and said a resounding YES I have reduced and copied the letter so we can display it in the room for families to read so they are able to join in with their children on the learning adventure."

Kirsty Heapy

"I have created a space within my babies room to share Shirley Pearls adventures with our families. From each letter we receive I will be displaying the learning that’s followed. We explored eucalyptus scented Playdough, with gumnuts and eucalypt leavesand a Koala for our first experience."

Renee Kennedy


It's simple! Receive a real letter in the mail each month from Shirley Pearl as she explores Country with her family.

It's like getting a letter from a friend.

We offer 2 different ways you can receive letters from Shirley Pearl & her Bush Friends, you can have them sent to you through the post or via email each month. If you are a Koori Curriculum club member you will receive free monthly email adventures as part of your membership. It's our way of saying thank you for your dedication to cultural diversity and learning.

Yes! You can enjoy the adventures starting from any month of the year. No matter if you choose month to month, 6 monthly or 12 monthly subscription types, we will provide you with a letter for each month of your subscription.

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

We process all letters on the first of each month, so as long as you subscribe before the end of the previous month you will receive that letter.

Between 1-4 weeks after sending, this will depend on your location!

Digital letters are sent the first of every month.

Yes. KC Club members receive a 20% discount off the cost of the letter subscription cost

The ideal age group for the letter is between 4yrs and 7 yrs old

Easy, just purchase as many subscriptions as you would like on the website and email us on with the details of the details.

Yes! We would love to receive return mail.

You can join our free Facebook Group and reply to Shirley there.

Or you can reply to Shirley Pearl at PO BOX 9057, Wyoming, NSW, 2250. Please note: due to the high volume of letters received we are unable to respond to each one directly and would recommend joining the free Facebook Group instead.