As a keen scientist himself, Dallas was instantly a big fan of this book. He really liked the waythe book was set out with a mix of science facts and information about Indigenous scientists.

Dallas has had a keen interest in fishing and fish traps for some time now so itdidn’t take him long to find the right section.

When we go down to the river, Dallas uses his knowledge from the book to create his own traps using pebbles in the shallows.

EYLF Outcome 2.4Children become socially responsible and show respect for the

EYLF Outcome 4–Children are confident and involved learners.

Stage 1 ST1-5LW-T: A student identifies how plants and animals are used for food and fibre products.

Stage 1 GE1-2: A student identifies the ways in which people interact and care for places

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The First Scientists is the highly anticipated, illustrated science book from Corey Tutt of DeadlyScience. With kids aged 7 to 12 years in mind, this book will nourish readers’ love of science and develop their respect for Indigenous knowledge at the same time.

  Vibrant illustrations by Blak Douglas bring the subjects to life, so you’ll never think about science as just people in lab coats ever again!