Many Australian families value the importance of teaching their children respect for our Countries First Nations Peoples however many struggle with their knowledge and confidence. The Koori Curriculum has recently created an online Facebook group for families who are wanting to learn, listen and walk with Indigenous Australians called The Koori Curriculum Community for Families.

Additionally, we have collated our top five resources for families to help aid them on their journey and build their cultural capability.



Jessica Staines Director of the Koori Curriculum had developer her own podcast series called Educators Yarns but has identified the need for something specific to parents and families. Listen to three of Jessica’s recent interviews where she provides specific advise on how families can be culturally inclusive with their children:
- Mamamia Podcast This Glorious Mess
- Beyond the Bump
- Deadly Podcasts


Story Time and Show and Tell

These are two fun series that Jessica put together that parents can watch with their children. They contain cultural information about art, life cycles, music, tools and weapons which parents can use as a springboard to scaffold their children’s emerging understanding.



Check out the Koori Curriculum on pinterest where there are a galleries of pictures that showcase early learning experiences that embed an Aboriginal perspectives. Parents can use this platform to seek inspiration and understand the many ways that culture can be included into play.


Visit Our Online Store

Check out our online shop where you will find lots of ethical and authentic Aboriginal books and educational resources to use with your children. Many worry about unintentionally supporting unethical businesses who to seek to profit off Aboriginal culture. To find endorsed Aboriginal brands and businesses visit the Supply Nation Data base.



What do your kids watch on telly? There are a few good programs out at the moment such as Little J and Big Cuz which is an Aboriginal animation. Additionally, check out ABC's Playschool, Aboriginal culture is now embedded throughout most of their episodes.