It was a sunny day in the Australian bush and a happy place indeed for many of the animals that lived there. They were all playing and having fun. No-one saw the little animal sitting alone under a small tree.

Written by Joanne Crawford. Illustrated by Grace Fielding

Hansa is renowned the world over for it’s true to life recreations of the worlds most loved animals.

From the Australian collection, this delightful Bilby Puppet will snuggle into your little ones arms and light up their heart.

Covered in supersoft, fluffy faux fur and long fluffy ears our Bilby is ready for cuddles. Her fluffy grey fur has been hand trimmed to highlight her sparkling eyes.

Designed with wildlife experts and brought to life with meticulous attention to detail our adorable Bilby Full Body Puppet is perfect for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and social-emotional connections.

A lyrical narrative evocative of the Australian Outback. The story features an endangered animal, a feral cat and an Indigenous boy. The story is designed to engage, entertain and inform young children about environmental issues. Superb illustrations capture the colours and textures of the Outback.

Bilby facts on the back.

My name is Belinda ...

Belinda is a very lifelike soft plush toy Australian Bilby by Bocchetta. The Bilby is a shy, nocturnal, marsupial unique to Australia. It has a grey and white silky coat, long sensitive ears and a pink nose. It has thick claws and strong limbs that help them to dig rapidly in the desert soil. These beautiful creatures live for about 10 years. Belinda is very huggable and cuddly though.
* Made in Indonesia, All new materials
* Hand Washable
* Suitable for ages 3+
* Measures 11 inch / 28cm long (not including tail)

Care Instructions:
Wipe with a sponge using mild soap. Can be machine washed with a gentle program, natural soap a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Large items or items with a rattle inside should be washed by hand. Allow to air dry, brush gently and fur will return as new. Non-toxic, Non Allergenic

Perfect for ages 3 and up, supervision recommended for children under 3 years old

Warrikirki Christmas Bilby - Lyndall Stavrou

Warrikirti the bilby is very surprised when Santa asks for his help.The little bilby acts as Santa's guide and helps deliver Christmas presents to the children who live in a little bush community in the Australian Outback.

While travelling with Santa and his flying kangaroos, Warrikirti meets the people and the dingoes who hunt feral cats.The cats threaten the survival of bilbies in the remote areas of the outback.

Indigenous and Conservation themes.

A few words from Warumungu, the local Indigenous language are used in the text.