A little bit of flax prepping by our Learning Stone on this cold Waring's day.

Kwowka was excited to join in our Floral Friday celebrations today.
The children made him a woven necklace with an added flower and he made a floral heart for our Sea of Hearts display.

Kwowka enjoyed making a heart for our “Sea of Hearts” display today.

Kwowka joined us for our morning meeting today.
He joined in singing our Acknowledgement Song, chose our Affirmation Card, admired the natural treasures our friends brought in to share with our pen pals and got lots of belly rubs.

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From the Australian Native collection, this happy little Quokka has been hand crafted in partnership with wildlife experts and brought to life with meticulous attention to detail.

The Quokka’s luxuriously soft faux fur has been carefully hand trimmed to highlight the Quokka’s famous smile. A wide mix of high-quality fabrics have been seamlessly blended to perfectly capture each of the Quokka’s iconic features. The adorable ears have been highlighted with textured fabrics and fine airbrushing.

The two tone, super soft fabric on the belly of the Quokka features highlights that capture the light and are seamlessly blended with airbrushing. This full length hand puppet even includes the quokkas famous little tubby tummy! The immeasurable care put into creating this life like Quokka is only a fraction of the love it is bound to receive from its lucky owner. You can even grab your own selfie!