Our kinder children at St.Catherine’s Early Education Centre had a wonderful day with our Emu Mascot from Koori Curriculum today.
There were great discussions in our yarning circle all about Emus.
The children chose 3 topics to investigate:
  1. What does an Emu eat?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. How do we tell what gender a Emu is?
The children split into three groups and discussed and sought out the answers to the questions.

We all learnt so much about the Emu such as they are Native to Australia, they eat a varied diet of seeds, grasses, insects, leaves along with a abundance of native bush fruits. Emus have no teeth! Emus lay eggs that are green! Emus can not fly but can run very, very fast and they have 2 sets of eyelids, and three toes.
We watched a short video by Mark Saddler, through this video the children learnt words relating to Emus in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri peoples. DINAWAN (Emu), BULA(2), BABIIN (Dad), GUNHI (Mum), NGURANG (Nest), GABUGA (Eggs), WIBIYANHA (Sit), BUBADYI (BabyEmu)
It was so wonderful to learn so much about one of our Native animals the Emu.

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