Last week the Koori Curriculum Educators  Yarning Circle visited Concord West Rhodes Preschool. During our visit we had the opportunity to explore the services two preschool rooms and their spacious outdoor learning environment that overlooks the local river. Participants walked away completely inspired by the way educators respectfully embed Aboriginal perspectives throughout their whole program.

Below: Educators have created a teranium encompassing the current D’harrawal season. 

Educators Teraniusm

Below: The service acknowledges Reconciliation Week annually by planting a sea of hands. They now hang proudly in the classroom as one of the many signs of respect. 

Children Naidoc Week

Cubby house

Above: In every play space an Aboriginal perspective is showcased. The paper bark on the outside of this cubby is one of the natural materials that Aboriginal architects used traditionally to construct their homes.

We also had the opportunity to walk the bush track along the river that the children regularly embark upon. Along our walk we passed many native plants such as the tea tree and the gymea lily. We were also lucky enough to visit a sacred scar tree who’s trunk had been used (we assume) to make a canoe. 

The centres Curriculum revolves around their connection to the local river. The educators intentionally teach about biodiversity, Aboriginal seasons and culture, sustainability and what it means to be a custodian of the land. 

Thank you for having us Concord West Rhodes Preschool educators  you are a true inspiration.