“When The Trees Disappeared" By Trish Butler. Illustrated by Elizabeth Hawkes

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"When The Trees Disappeared" explores the negative impact that pollution and deforestation has on Country. Through a handful of short tales children are encouraged to take action and become stewards of the land. 

- custodianship
- pollution
- deforestation
- sustainability
- Dhurga language
- Birds and Animals 

About the author
Trish Butler is a singer/songwriter depicting real stories which she delivers
through music. She was born in Engadine, New South Wales where her deep
love and respect for nature began at a young age whilst exploring the wonders
of the Royal National Park.

These books for children were written after the success of her CD, "Look
Learn Sing Dance" which was also based on Australian animals. She will
continue to write these important stories for our children and adults alike for
a more sustainable lifestyle and for the urgent need to repair Mother Earth
after the destructive fires in 2019/20.

She has been back on Nura (land)
since the devastating loss of her own flora and fauna in January 2020. Since
6th January 2020 she has been instrumental in healing Nura to bring back
the birds and animals. This has been achieved.