Aboriginal Symbol Matching Game + Dreamtime Story Board Bundle

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**Due to this product being handmade please allow 6-8 weeks for order processing**


Aboriginal symbols are a form of communication used by our First Nation people for thousands of years. Still to this day we express our stories through symbols in artworks. We have designed our symbol matching game to become familiar with the symbols by corresponding the pieces to the board.  Our Dreamtime story board has been designed to map out your own story by placing the symbols along the path and corresponding back to the symbol meaning to create your story.

Our First Nation people would engrave symbols into sticks and other wooden objects to leave a message or tell a story. This was their form of communication & the design concept behind the game.

Instructions included with the game.

Dimensions- 6mm Thick x 300mm High x 200mm Wide. 40-50mm disc.

Materials- Plywood & natural red-gum disc

Care Instructions- Keep stored in a cool dry area