Are you interested in being a Koori Curriculum Club masterclass speaker?

The Koori Curriculum Club is an online community for educators to build their cultural capacity and confidence.

Each month we provide our members with content on various topics that inspire them to think critically and creatively on the many ways that they can embed Aboriginal perspectives in their program as well as demonstrate culturally safe practices.

The KC Club includes master classes from guest speakers on topics such as; anti bias and culturally safe practices, connecting with Country, significant dates, art and music, partnerships with families, connecting with community and pedagogy.

Our members are mostly early childhood educators however we also have some Primary School teachers and Home School educators.


To be considered to be a masterclass speaker for the Koori Curriculum Club, please complete the masterclass speaker form.

A member of the Koori Curriculum Team will review your submission and contact you within a week of your submission.


How a masterclass recording works

How we normally do these is by jumping on a Zoom together to record your presentation.

We allow 90 minutes for a 30–45-minute masterclass, so that we can take our time and re-record sections if needed.

After the recording, we then edit the presentation, add your slides and make sure we deliver an awesome masterclass.

We are open to presenters self-recording their masterclass if they prefer, however, we reserve the right to view the recording prior to accepting the presentation. We can edit your self recorded presentation if needed.

Tips for recording

Make sure the room you will be recording in is free of noises and that you have a good microphone and camera. Apple plugin in headphone and mic are also great (just not ear buds).

If possible, try to have a minimal background behind you (only if you can, don’t worry at all if that is too difficult). Zoom backgrounds are fine to use.

The more lights the better, if you are in a room with overhead lighting, if possible, have a desk lamp or table lamp next to you to compensate for any shadows, or move to some natural light such as near a window (always your friend).