"Educator Yarns: A Collection curated" By Jessica Staines

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Educator Yarns is a collection of relatable stories from the heart of our profession. This sharing aims to build educators cultural confidence and capability, equipping one to approach the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives with vigour and bravery.

There is no book or magic wand that will ever eliminate the possibility of getting it or doing it wrong. However, the journeys revealed throughout these chapters yarn about the processes and dispositions required to embark on this venture respectfully, meaningfully and with integrity.

Educator Yarns shares the experiences of many educators brought together by author and Director of the Koori Curriculum, Jessica Staines. Reflections by Jessica can be found weaved throughout the pages provoking educators to think, feel and delve deeper.

Wholesale purchase of Educator Yarns is available please email info@kooricurriculum.com.