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If you LOVE coffee you will not mind your little ones playing with our Wattleseed play dough! Wattleseed has a nutty, roasted coffee aroma ☕

Aunty’s ‘damper’ Playdough mixes are the perfect cultural activity and opportunity to teach your kids about Australian native bush tucker by making pretend damper or bush bread playdough.

Now you have my very own recipe that you can make at home with your little ones. Just add your bush tucker, oil and water and you're ready to play! (there are instructions on the back of your playdough mix pouch).

It's the ultimate native Australian sensory play experience! 

Smell, touch, mix, knead, roll, squish, squeeze, play - just don't taste - while our playdough mix is taste safe and our bush tucker spices are real, it's not made for consumption. 


Colours may vary slightly from images when you make your own batch of dough.

Your purchase includes

  • 1x 450g pouch of Aunty's 'damper' Playdough Mix (makes 650-700g of playdough)
  • 1x 10g pouch of Real Bush Tucker 
  • How to make your playdough instructions 
  • A6 Bush Tucker Educational Card