Christmas is right around the corner and if you are one that struggles to find meaningful gifts for teachers and educators then you have come to the right place. Many teachers are embarking on both a personal and professional Reconciliation journey, here are some great gift ideas which we are sure they will appreciate.

Christmas Baubles

Bridging the economic, creative and cultural gap between Aboriginal artists & global artisans through the arts enterprise. Taking themes from their original painting, Aboriginal artists have created the design which appears on this exclusive product. Designed in Australia, reproduced in Kashmir under Australian supervision.

Aboriginal Art Coasters

Keringke Art is located at Santa Teresa eighty kilometers south-east of Alice Springs. Built in 1953, the Santa Terasa mission has a population of around 500 people. in Arrente, Keringke means "kangaroo tracks" as related to Dreamtime story. In the story, a giant red kangaroo came to pass through this country. As he did so, he became caught in a yellow vine and could go no further. With all the flies around, he began to throw the dust over himself. In doing this, he made a big hole and became a rock hole. After kangaroo left his footprints in the rock which can still be seen today, the rock hole became keringke. The Art Centre is named after this rck hole. Keringke Art Centre today produces a wide variety of art products, reflecting the colour, rhythm and ambience of the land that is home for the Eastern Arrernte artists.

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Us Women, Our Ways, Our World


An exemplar of Indigenous Studies writing, epistemologically, theoretically and methodologically


A collection of writings on women and Aboriginal identity from 14 senior Indigenous academics and community leaders. The collection engages with questions such as: What makes Aboriginal women strong? Why are grandmothers so important (even ones never met)? How is the connection to country different for Aboriginal people compared to non-Aboriginal people's love of nature or sense of belonging to an area? What is Aboriginal spirituality?

These writings are generous, inclusive and considerate of the non-Aboriginal reader's feelings. They are hopeful for the future, with an emphasis on acknowledging, joining with, collaborating and caring.



Designed by Terry Cunningham.

Terry was born in Taree and lived in Foster all his life. He has been with Tobwabba Art since its beginnings as an Aboriginal Artist. Tobwabba Art tells the story of the Worimi People from the Great Lakes region of coastal New South Wales. Tobwabba Art is a living portrayal of the rich and diverse culture of the Worimi people that has been passed down through the generations.