Including Aboriginal perspectives in your program can be a daunting task particularly for non-Indigenous educators who are attempting to teach a culture that is not their own. On a weekly basis, the team at Koori Curriculum are inundated with emails from passionate early childhood educators. Many are investigating ways to respectfully embed Aboriginal perspectives in their curriculum and need advice on where to start.

In response to this enthusiasm, we have developed a short course listing thirty of our top tips. This content is intended to support educators in developing cultural confidence. We want educators to feel empowered to include Aboriginal culture in their program and by building their cultural capacity they can get started putting their best foot forward.


"I just wanted to thank you for these emails. They have been so helpful and in many cases affirming. Looking forward to the next fifteen."

Amandah Taylor - Yuille Park Childrens Centre 

"I want to thank you for the most wonderful 30 tips. You have a engaging presentation style and I felt enriched listening to each one. I am not on Facebook so this is my way of saying how generous you were to do that for free. Best wishes Jess."

Jane Chalker

Important Update: The free series is now closed