Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are born into stories of their family, culture, and Country. They carry with them the songlines of their ancestors and culture, passed down by generations. Their Dreaming is part of our history, while their futures are their own to shape.  

This Children’s Day, we are asking our children what Dreaming means to them, learning how they interpret this in their lives and identity, and hearing what their aspirations are for the future.

Here are some resources that you can use to embed an Aboriginal perspective this Children's Day.

We are the dream and the dreamers – so begins this beautifully written story that celebrates the imagination of children at play. Complemented by Sally Morgan’s rich and colourful illustrations, the book is full of movement. It lends itself to interactive reading aloud with play-acting or actions.

Breanna wrote this story when she was 8 years old and wanted to fly.

Beautifully told and illustrated story of Breanna, who wants to be a superhero. She asks family and friends if she can become a superhero by wishing upon a shooting star. She tries but it doesn't work. Breanna is finally happy with the idea of working hard and becoming a superhero doctor, lawyer, engineer or vet. But she still wants to fly!

Goodjagah, little one, walk with me ... I want to tell you our Dreaming as the Elders told it to me. Award-winning storytellers, Gunai woman Kirli Saunders and Bigambul man Dub Leffler, explore a deep love and respect for Country and all her spirits ... past, present and beyond.

Warrahabu Buwanhabu is a collaborative CD made with the true spirit of reconciliation. A unique collection of songs produced by passionate people for the same purpose. Bringing together First Nations perspectives, sustainability, and connection to Mother Earth, these seventeen songs celebrate a sense of discovery, respect for Culture, care for our environment and a passion for growing our own veggies.

The CD booklet has lyrics, translations and instructions for movement and activities, and the simple, clear arrangements will have children and adults singing these songs in no time!

NGAMA CD by Sharron “Mirii” Bell

This CD is a wonderful mixture of songs created for children, families and educators. A heartfelt album filled with love and deep respect. NGAMA in Wiradjuri language means Mother. In honour of her Mother, Sharron sings in Wiradjuri language sharing old and new memories.

Throughout the album you will see and hear messages that connect to Sharron’s mother, to whom this CD is dedicated. Can you find the little green tree frog? Mummas favourite little creature. Can you hear him sing? Can you hear the shakers? The Cootamundra wattle seed picked from wattle trees at Coota, where Mum was born and raised. Listen to the river and Mother Earth's creatures as we place our hand upon our heart, let us pay respects to the Sovereign people and the land North, South, East and West.

Stomp and dance as we listen to some old but new songs as they are given new life in language.

The CD booklet contains words and translations. Connect to our country, our waterways, our animals and all living things as we continually honour our Mother Earth, and especially, our Mothers.

Yalaynha Yuluwirri ‘Following the Rainbow’ Songs by Milan Dhiiyaan

This CD was created with the aim of teaching children some of our positive Aboriginal cultural values through song. The songs in this CD teach about sharing, taking care of each other, loving one another, not harming others, taking care of mother earth, being strong and knowing our culture.

Most of our songs have accompanying hand actions/choreography which you cannot see on a CD. A DVD (or video files) showcasing our choreography will soon be available. You can also view some songs on our YouTube channel: Milan Dhiiyaan.

Look Learn Sing Dance by Trish & Noel Butler

Noel and Trish Butler share stories and songs through their knowledge of Country to create a better understanding of all creatures in our environment. This helps us all to embrace our responsibility to put a greater value on the importance of looking after Country, the land we stand on, our home.

Can You Culture Cards

A unique, interactive way of learning basic Sounds and Movements, based on Aboriginal Culture and Native Animals.

The set of 22 cards also includes activity ideas.

Learn and Teach Aboriginal culture and Native Animals with young children through interactive play with our Can You Culture Cards.

Napangardi’s Bush Tucker Walk by Lyndall Stavrou

Gorgeous illustrations combine with a delightful bush narrative featuring Australian animals and bush tucker. A surprising twist at the end. The story is told in such a way as to delight young children through repetitive phrases and humour. It informs about the culture of contemporary Indigenous Australians. Some Alyawarr words for bush tucker and animals are listed on the inner back cover. Alyawarr is spoken in the Northern Territory and in far west Queensland.

Heroes Rebels & Innovators by Karen Wyld

Be inspired and amazed by these incredible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander icons!

With colourful artwork and evocative writing, this book tells stories every Australian should know.

Powerful and exciting: here are seven inspiring stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from history. Each colourful spread in this illustrated book tells a compelling story.

A1 fold AIATSIS map Indigenous Australia

The map is a large-scale printed product available for sale in two formats. Edited by David Horton the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia is copyright AIATSIS.