When Mooki Weelan arrived everyone was so excited to meet him- they all had to give him a cuddle and discovered how soft he was.

We looked at the map to find out where Mooki Weelan had traveled from- it was a long way away!

Looking up his name we discovered that his name meant Hello Cockatoo, in D’harawal this would be Ngumbi Garraway-Kirrawee.

Since it was Science Week Mooki Weelan was able to learn all about glass and by extension volcanoes . Luckily there are no volcanoes near us!

Mooki Weelan listened and watched everyday as we danced to our favourite action songs by Lucas Proudfoot, we even found some songs about cockatoos and Mooki Weelan joined in the dancing on a big piece of fabric.



Mooki Weelan was able to watch his cousins fly into the yard and eat the chicken feed and lemons off the tree.

Mooki Weelan thought helping to cook with bush spices was a better idea and that the biscuits were much more delicious than seed!


Mooki Weelan examined all the art and pointed out the cockatoo on the painting- the Emu in the Sky was very impressive and Mooki Weelan joined the children in learning about it for Space Week.

Everyone loved having Mooki Weelan as a guest and we all hope that he loves his next adventures just as much as the ones here.


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Hansa is renowned the world over for it’s true to life recreations of the worlds most loved animals.

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This cockatoo’s feathers have been recreated with exceptionally soft faux fur and highlighted with yellow airbrush shading. Grey airbrush shading also highlights his big eyes and blends his grey beak perfectly.

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