Aboriginal inspired art experience in an early childhood context is so much more than just collaged red, black and yellow flags and cotton bud dot paintings.

Where we were...

Situated in the middle of beautiful Worimi country is Murrook Cultural Centre, the perfect meeting place for educators in the Port Stephens and surrounding area.

Jessica Staines, Director of the Koori Curriculum met the passionate early learning educators who gathered together Saturday morning to learn about Aboriginal Art and how they could bring this knowledge respectfully into their workplace.



Jessica explained to participants that including Aboriginal perspectives in early learning settings is multifaceted and a combination of creating culturally inclusive play spaces, including Aboriginal perspectives in children's interests and using Aboriginal pedagogies.

The workshop introduced educators to Aboriginal pedagogies in which they developed an understanding of the importance of art as an Aboriginal teaching methodology. Aboriginal art traditionally was a way that knowledge was recorded and passed down from one generation to the next.

This segment encouraged educators to think about teaching through Aboriginal culture rather than about it.


Hands on Art Experiences

Throughout the day educators also had the opportunity to engage in practical hands on art experiences that were both process and product oriented. These experiences were influenced by both traditional and contemporary art styles and challenged participants perception of what Aboriginal art is.

What participants had to say...

"Thank you it was the most inspiring and amazing workshop"


"Thank you so much for your inspiration and passion yesterday at the workshop. You are changing lives."


"I was so humbled to meet the amazing Jessica Staines yesterday from the Koori Curriculum at an art workshop yesterday!!
I learnt so much yesterday from Jess and I am so thankful as it will stay with me throughout my life!
I am so keen to share what I learnt with the staff within the service I work in and together we continue to move along with our journey of embedding Indigenous perspectives into our daily practice."


"Yesterday was like a light bulb moment for me."


To learn more and to book a workshop for your team please email jess@kooricurriculum.com