Aboriginal children's books
CityWest Childcare Centre is a boutique early learning centre in the heart of Pyrmont. This year the educators have begun researching how to embed Aboriginal perspectives in their program on a day to day basis and for all ages.
child playing
Last week the children in the Seashell room (0-2) have been exploring mark making. Local Aboriginal artworks created by Mandy Davis and CBHS Lewisham were placed on the table for the children to enjoy across the week and they have seemingly inspired creative scribbles!
child drawing
The children were studying the lines and shapes closely, perhaps drawn to the bright colours or the intricate details that create the bolder pictures depicted.
Oil pastels and paper were the initial mediums used, educators then incorporated natural elements into the investigation, providing large rocks and replicating the use of ochre pigments by grinding down coloured chalk to create with. 
Child drawing
The tactile element drew in new curious participants, with sensory exploration such a big part of this age groups learning. The children soon discovered the wet chalk took time to apply, many were patient enough for its application and others cleverly went straight to the mark making source picking up the whole chalk piece to continue to design with!
chalk drawing
Exploring in their own time and in their own way several of the children also used the pictures as tracing pieces, running fingers & art mediums along the wavy lines and around circles.
The chalk also made its way outside for further experimentation on the floor! The colours looked bold on the terra-cotta coloured textured ground.
children playing

Our 0-2 years room explore art everyday, it is such a wonderful way to provide hands on exploration and discovery whilst learning about artists in our local Aboriginal community.

Thanks CityWest for sharing your story.