Early Childhood Australia has been a long-time supporter of the Koori Curriculum and of Jessica Staines our Director. In 2016 they supported Jessica to participate in the World Forum Foundations Global Leaders Program where Jessica excelled and became the National Representative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children.

The Koori Curriculum and Early Childhood Australia have now joined forces have been working on a bespoke online module. The three-part series aims to support educators growing cultural capacity and confidence in approaching how they are embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in their curriculum.

Jessica and the Early Childhood Australia team have been busy travelling around Australia collecting exemplary stories of practice from a variety of service types that showcase the unique and diverse ways in which educators are celebrating culture in their services. Over the next few months Jessica will be focused on weaving these stories together creating a tapestry of practice in which we hope to present to our profession later this year.

Stay tuned…