Dear Koori Curriculum,

I love your site, well done. I am wondering if you can give me some advice or point me in the right direction.

I would like to know the protocols around students writing Aboriginal Dreaming Stories etc. and using Aboriginal ideas for creating art works. Eg using symbols, hand prints, dot paintings, etc.

I get very nervous about doing the wrong thing.

Many thanks, Natasha


Hi Natasha,

Thanks for reaching out. We have a few guides available on our website which I think will assist in developing your understanding in this space.

1) You can access our free guide "What Educators Should Consider Before Sharing Aboriginal Dreaming Stories” here:

I think what is particularly important for you to be to be aware of is that the Dreaming is not a fable or made up story. Its our peoples spiritual beliefs, so in relation to your question I dont believe it would be appropriate for children to create their own Dreaming narrative.

In comparison I personally wouldn’t encourage children to write their own bible story.

2) Additionally we have a series of free blogs that we’ve created which share information to consider regarding respectful art practices. These include:

  • How do we use Aboriginal art?
  • The Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Aboriginal art
  • What do you really know about dot painting?
  • Can non-indigenous people do Aboriginal art?
  • Illustrations as a spring board for learning

Whilst I think a lot of the information you are seeking will be covered in the above resources you my also like to download a copy of our free protocols guide:

Additionally, if you are wanting professional development in this space we run regular live webinars on Aboriginal Art. Our time table and offerings can be found here:

Kind Regards,

Jess Staines

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