“Despite attempts to kill us off, assimilate us, we are still here. This truth is a thorn in the colonial side. As our physical human form persists, our land and our claim to it too remains. Despite land theft, pollution, “development” and unsustainable white farming practices, sacred places still exist.”

Nayuka is a Gunai, Gunditmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta writer. Nayuka’s writing spans social commentary on black, queer and feminist politics to television writing. They are a 2018 Wheeler Next Chapter recipient and their work has been described as exploring "black, queer and feminist politics," satire,  and blerd ("black plus nerd") culture.. They’re writing appears in Queerstories, Going Postal and Growing Up Queer in Australia anthology.

In 2018, Nayuka wrote and performed in the ABC series Black Comedy and has co-written episodes of Get Kracki!n. Nayuka is also a co-writer of five-part children’s television series Thalu. “a celebration of the Pilbara region and its Indigenous culture"

In November 2019 Nayuka appeared on an episode of Q&A that was aired in conjunction with Broadside Feminist Ideas Festival, where she called for the police to be abolished, stating it is "there to be violent, it is patriarchal, it is overwhelmingly white". The episode was later controversially pulled from steaming service iView after receiving a number of complaints about the episode.

Nayuka is a freelance writer for The Guardian Australia and have written for various Australian publications. Their writing has covered topics such as the need for a treaty rather than constitutional recognition of Indigenous people in Australia, a critique of white feminism, and racism within the criminal justice system and in society.