About Kiya Watt

Kiya is a Menang Gnudju Noongar artist located in Albany WA. She has been painting for around 4 years now and is well known for her creativity around Australia. . Co-directors of The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Jessica Staines began collaborating with Kiya in 2018 to create the Kiya doll for popular television show Play School.

Recently Kiya became a board member for Trading Blak a community of Indigenous business owners. Trading Blak aims to educate consumers about ethical procurement practices whilst supporting Indigenous business owners.

To follow Kiya’s journey jump over to her instagram page (kwaboriginalartist) or her Facebook page (Kiya watt- Aboriginal artist)

Learn more about Kiya by tuning into this Educator Yarns podcast interview


Q: How old were you when you started painting?

I started painting 3 years ago so about 24 years old


Q: What inspires you?

My family And culture, My Connection to Boodjah (land) and Wardarn (ocean) not only is it my inspiration I feel it’s my duty to learn so that I can pass down this knowledge to future generations


Q: Who is your favourite artist?

My Nan Lynette Knapp, Auntie Shandell Cummings, Uncle Robert Swift and My father Michael Watt I come from a family of incredibly talented artist, these are only a few of my faves and I’m lucky to have them to look up too and seek guidance from


Q: What advice would you give early childhood educators wanting to celebrate Aboriginal art in their art program?

Always engage with your local elders and seek their advice and guidance on how to best celebrate our Art and culture