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Aboriginal Symbols

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Aboriginal symbols are a fun way that we can share culture with children whilst also building their literacy and language skills.

Not all Aboriginal Nations have or use symbols and the ones that do tend to have two sets. Traditionally one set was used to openly share and communicate with other mobs who didn’t share the same language whilst the other was utilised to protect information that mob didn’t want to be shared openly.

Culturally symbols have been used in many ways including:

  • Sand Stories
  • Paintings
  • Message Sticks
  • Marker Stones
  • Ceremonial body paint

Today we see symbols being used with children in an early childhood context to support music and movement experiences, as art provocations and as a tool to teach story structure amongst other things. To learn more about symbols and how you can use them in play experiences you can:

  • Book a coaching call with one of our mentors
  • Book a virtual workshop of Aboriginal literacy and numeracy

Here are some of our top symbol resources to get you started:

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