"Yalaynha Yuluwirri ‘Following the Rainbow’ Songs" By Milan Dhiiyaan

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Purpose of this CD

This CD was created with the aim of teaching children some of our positive Aboriginal cultural values through song. The songs in this CD teach about sharing, taking care of each other, loving one another, not harming others, taking care of mother earth, being strong and knowing our culture.

Most of our songs have accompanying hand actions/choreography which you cannot see on a CD. A DVD (or video files) showcasing our choreography will soon be available. You can also view some songs on our YouTube channel: Milan Dhiiyaan.

Aboriginal Languages used on this CD

The songs on this CD have been composed and written by Laurance & Fleur Magick Dennis (Milan Dhiiyaan). The languages included in the songs are Gamilaraay, Yuwalaraay, 
Wayilwan/Ngemba/Ngiyaampaa & Wiradjuri languages.

All music, melodies and rhythms are composed by Laurance & Fleur Magick Dennis except for the melody of ‘Twinkle Little Star’ which is used for ‘Guuyali Giralaa’ and the melody of B.I.N.G.O which is used for ‘Marayn’. All other melodies are original compositions. All lyrics and stories are the original works of Laurance & Fleur Magick Dennis.


Songs in the CD

1. Yuluwirri ‘Rainbow’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
2. Yuluwirri ‘Rainbow’ (English)
3. Guni Ngiyaningu ‘Mother of all’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
4. Guuyali Giralaa ‘Shine Star’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay/Ngiyaampaa language)
5. Guuyali Giralaa ‘Shine Star’ (English)
6. Binaalbunmali Birralii ‘Calm Baby’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
7. Baabili ‘Sleep’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
8. Guurramali Dhayan ‘Stand Strong People’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
9. Marayn ‘Dingo’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
10. Marayn ‘Dingo’ (English)
11. Bula Marra ‘Two Hands’ (Wiradjuri/Wiradyuri language)
12. Bulaarr Mara ‘Two Hands’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
13. Bula Marra & Bularr Mara ‘Two Hands’ (English)
14. Ngamadhu Yayi ‘Mum says’ (Wiradjuri/Wiradyuri language)
15. Guuyaarrma ‘Rain’ (Gamilaraay/Yuwalaraay language)
16. Ngaagirri dhunyal ‘I’ll see you’ (Wiradjuri/Wiradyuri language & English)


This work is © 2011-2019 Fleur & Laurance MAGICK DENNIS (Milan Dhiiyaan)
You may not reproduce this information or lyrics without the prior written consent Milan Dhiiyaan. 


English translation:

After purchase, you will be emailed a copy of the English translation and fact sheet to the email address used when ordering