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Crafting with a Purpose✨

Your child will learn the value of handcrafted treasures as well as getting to know the beauty of the native quandong seed! Used by Aboriginal people to create special pieces of jewelry.

They are perfect for kids 8+ given that we can't make the holes too big in the seeds (3mm holes). However, with a bit of help from you I know kids of any age will love to make and wear these.

Plus! beading is a great craft for development in young people. 

Benefits include:

⭐ Fine motor development (using the small muscles of their hands)

⭐ Visual Perceptual Skills (Scanning and selecting their beads in a desired pattern)

⭐ Cognitive Skills (planning and problem solving while designing their bracelet)

They'll develop patience, attention to detail, and a sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something beautiful with their own hands.