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Plush Ring-tail Possum


My name is Cody ...

Cody is our very lifelike soft plush toy Brushtail Possum from Bocchetta Plush Toys.  The Brush-tail possum is about the same size as a domestic cat, with a pointed snout, pink nose, long whisters and large ears.    They are found all over Australia, in forests and woodlands all along the east coast and also inland areas along tree-line rivers and creeks.  They are nocturnal creatures, active at night and usually spend most of the day sleeping.
* Made in Indonesia, Designed in Australia
* All new materials
* Machine Washable (Gentle)
* Suitable for ages 3+
* Measures 13 inch / 33cm long (not including tail)

Care Instructions:
Wipe with a sponge using mild soap. Can be machine washed with a gentle program, natural soap a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Large items or items with a rattle inside should be washed by hand. Allow to air dry, brush gently and fur will return as new. Non-toxic, Non-Allergenic

Perfect for ages 3 and up, supervision recommended for children under 3 years old.

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