"Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture " By Rebecca Kiddle , Patrick Reid , Kevin O'Brien

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Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture is an exciting advance in the field of architecture offering multiple indigenous perspectives on architecture and design theory and practice. Indigenous authors from Aotearoa NZ, Canada, Australia, and the USA explore the making and keeping of places and spaces which are informed by indigenous values and identities. The lack of publications to date offering an indigenous lens on the field of architecture belies the rich expertise found in indigenous communities in all four countries. This expertise is made richer by the fact that this indigenous expertise combines both architecture and design professional practice, that for the most part is informed by Western thought and practice, with a frame of reference that roots this architecture in the indigenous places in which it sits.

  •     ISBN : 9781940743493
  •     Publisher : Oro Editions
  •     Imprint : Oro Editions
  •     Publication date : May 2018
  •     Product Type : books
  •     Author : Rebecca Kiddle + Luugigyoo Patrick Stewart
  •     Bind : Paperback
  •     Edition : 1808
  •     Pages : 240