Gane Tiger Snake

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Huggable Toys’ Gane Tiger Snake might look every bit the realistic “tiger” Australia is known for, but trust us when we say: he’s all cuddles, no bite! Made with a high quality materials, and to a high standard, Gane features a bright and realistic pattern on a soft velour body, a protruding bright red tongue, and a defensive stance. Gane makes the perfect souvenir for any snake lover!

Have you had your hug today?

  • Approx. 105cm
  • Recommended for ages 3 & up
  • Designed in Australia


Join Shirley Pearl, a vibrant three-year-old Wiradjuri kid from the serene Darkinjung Country on the NSW Central Coast through her engaging letter subscription program.  

With each letter, children will be taken on an adventure with Shirley and her family where they will meet Australian animal bush friends and be introduced to different aspects of Aboriginal culture. Through the adventures of Shirley, children will gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture and develop a sense of respect and appreciation for the land and its Traditional Owners.