Kiya's Big Adventures

Acknowledgement of Country

Join Luke, Miranda and Hunter to give an Acknowledgement of Country in this special episode of Play School celebrating Australia's First People.

Kiya's Excellent eBirthday

It's the countdown to Kiya's big birthday party! Kiya and her Play School family go online to make the arrangements. Be safe, kind, ask for help and make good choices. Celebrate with Kiya and stay safe online along the way!

Get Ready For Bed

It's time to put on your pjs, and relax with Play School special: 'Get Ready For Bed'. This episode shines a light on the importance of positive sleep routines for young children.

Ready, Set, Big School

Come along with Little Ted and Kiya as they prepare for their first day at primary school! In this new special episode, 'Ready, Set, Big School', Play School explores helpful transition to school strategies.

Mindfully Me

It's time to take a deep breath and slow down on Play School. Join Zindzi and Matt as they make a Mindfulness Cubby, blow bubbles, do some painting and focus on the small things.

About Kiya

You may recognise Kiya as she is featured as a main cast member on TV’s Play School.

Our Director Jessica Staines was part of the consultative team during the creation of Kiya.

Kiya Watt, a Menang Gnudju Yorga woman from the Noongar Nation, is the incredible Aboriginal artist behind the print featured on Kiya’s dress.

Kiya means “hello” in Noongar Language.

Noongar Country is in the southern corner of Western Australia and consists of 14 language groups.

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Educator Yarns E17 - Interview with Kiya Watts

In this episode Jess sits down and yarns with Kiya Watts, is the artist behind ABC Playschool’s “Kiya” doll. Kiya Watts is a Menang, Gnudju, and Noongar artist residing in Albany.

In this episode we dive into:

  • Why the Kiya doll was an important additional to Playschool
  • The importance of Cultural identity
  • Kiya’s collaboration with House of Dizzy
  • Kiya’s involvement in ‘Trading Blak’
  • How to support ‘Trading Blak’
  • How to find Aboriginal owned businesses
  • Jess and Kiya’s favourite Aboriginal fashion labels
  • Supply Nation
  • ‘We wear black on Wednesdays’ initiative
  • When is it okay for a non-indigenous person to wear indigenous products?
  • And more!