We have just spent the best part of a month travelling around Australia for The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Days. What a whirlwind experience! Now that we are back we thought we should dive a little deeper into our range of resources designed to help you when we can't be there, starting with the The Aboriginal Early Childhood Webinar Series.


The Aboriginal Early Childhood Webinar Series consists of five episodes that delve deeper into each of the five principles of The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide.

Webinar One: Respect of and for Aboriginal People and Their Diverse Culture
Webinar Two: Culturally Responsive and Resourceful
Webinar Three: Children Thriving
Webinar Four: Embedding Practice In and In-between
Webinar Five: Working with Anti-Bias Approaches

We acknowledge that everyone learns differently and we have deliberately tried to deliver our products through a variety of different modes such as text, audio, visual and face to face to ensure our inclusivity of educators needs and preferences.

One of the biggest obstacles in our profession is that educational leaders struggle to get everyone on the same page. It can be challenging to have the whole team attend professional development training at the same time and inevitably when team changes occur educational leaders can find it hard to bring new educators up to speed. Many of our resources were developed to compliment and therefore reference one another. For example, throughout The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide the webinars are consistently called for as a tool for leaders to use at staff meetings or during the induction of new educators.

There are different webinar bundles available based on you and/or your team’s needs. You can buy an individual webinar for your own use or you can buy all five for the whole team all at really affordable prices.

To purchase a single webinar, or our webinar bundle, click here and select either the individual webinar, or the entire webinar bundle.

Once you have purchased your webinar/s you will receive two emails. The first email from us will be a confirmation of sale for your records. The second email will contain a unique personalised link that allows you to access the webinars.

You do not need any login credentials to access your webinars once you have received your unique link.

You have up to 3 attempts to view your webinar within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Webinars are for individual use only. If you would like to purchase additional webinars for multiple users or for a team, please contact us at info@aboriginalecc.com