Right now, QLD & NSW communities are being impacted by floods. Many people have lost their homes and their businesses, entire communities are displaced.

The Koori Curriculum is coordinating relief packages and assistance for early childhood educators and services who have been detrimentally impacted by the 2022 floods.

So far, we know that Ballina River Street Preschool, Coraki Preschool, St Mary’s Casino, Lismore Preschool and East Lismore Preschool have been inundated, they will have lost everything and have extensive damage to their buildings.

Casino Baptist Preschool, Bentley Preschool, and Evans Head-Woodburn Preschools have had water in the buildings.

We know this list will grow as many more early learning services are without power and internet at this stage and flood waters have not receded.

This does not begin to cover the number of families and Educators in these communities who have also lost their homes.

During these times Australians have a rich tradition of banding together to support in any way they can.

This can be through:

  • Monetary donations
  • Items such as clothes, toys, books, food etc.
  • Sharing the word on social media
  • Engaging with your networks to spread the word and find donations

If you would like to stay informed on these efforts and find ways that you can support, complete the below form and we will ensure you receive regular updates on how we are supporting these communities.