Dear Koori Curriculum,

I am taking over as the educational leader at a sessional kindergarten this year and I think the kinder needs new ways to incorporate Aboriginal programs and ideas for embedding Indigenous culture in our curriculum and every day kinder routines. It’s sometimes hard to know what the best, and right way is to do this, and I would appreciate any support and ideas.

Thanks Gina



Dear Gina,

Thank you for reaching out. I love that you have decided to privilege Aboriginal programs, pedagogy and practice at your service. I know that at the beginning it can be confusing and a bit overwhelming but I am more than happy to support you through this process.

I would encourage you to join our Facebook Group the “Koori Curriculum Educator Community”. This is a place where like minded educators come together to encourage, motivate and inspire one another in all things Aboriginal programs. Great resources are shared frequently as well as lots of great examples of practice.

Additionally, I would recommend engaging in professional development individually and as a whole team. Building your teams collective cultural capacity is one strategy that can help bring about cultural change within your service. Team training helps to get everyone on the same page and creates a shared vision of what you are hoping to achieve and work towards.

The Koori Curriculum has offers a range of flexible professional development opportunities. To see what is currently available click here:

We wish you all the best in the year ahead and look forward to hearing about your progress.

Kind Regards,

Jess and Team

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