About Saretta Fielding

Saretta Fielding is Wonnarua Woman with strong connections to the Hunter Valley in NSW. The beautiful Lake Macquarie, surrounding bushlands, Watagan Mountains and the beaches have inspired each and every one of Sarettas Art Works.
Sarettas art is reflective of traditional sand engravings found thoughout Wonnarua Country and the greater Hunter Region. Her highly textured pieces use sand based mediums and engraving techniques.
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Q: How old were you when you started painting?
As long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed art and craft and painting is one of my favourite forms of creativity.  Up until 2008 I painted for myself and kept my artwork at home, however after being invited to exhibit in an exhibition in Newcastle I found others found pleasure from my artwork and started to share my work.
Q: What inspires you?
My artworks are significantly influenced by the beauty and splendour of this country. Growing up alongside the shimmering Lake Macquarie shores, surrounded by the lush bush lands of the Watagan Mountains and the beautiful beaches dotted along our coastline has given me the very best nature has to offer, inspiring each and every work.
My artworks are reflective in style to many traditional sand engravings found throughout Wonaruah country and the Hunter Region and are connected to country in style and design through the use of a sand based medium and engraving technique. The highly textured pieces embody the age-old sandstone engraved artworks created by our ancestors and add a unique dimension to the works
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Q: Who is your favourite artist? 
My love of art extends to many artist and styles, however I’ve been most inspired and enjoy the works of Albert Namatjira (the colours he uses and representation of country are fabulous and Ken Done (I love the fun, joy and simplicity of his bright and colourful vision of Australia).  I have aspired to be the Aboriginal Ken Done and by that I mean an Artist who can create fine artworks, while bring my art and design to a range of media that creates diversity and leads to opportunity for growth, employment and community prosperity.
Q: What advise would you give early childhood educators wanting to celebrate Aboriginal art in their art program?
It’s great to create opportunities to connect and involve Aboriginal people in the program to share stories and culture.  There are so many parables within Aboriginal dreamtimes stories, sharing wonderful life lessons with children, alongside learning more about Aboriginal culture.