Chico Monks  1978-2019

Chico Monks is a Post-war & Contemporary artist. His work was featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums. He is from a family of artists and is known for his sculpture, painting and performance. He has exhibited widely at galleries and cultural festivals and uses his work to explore identity. He won the 2014 Gili Award for Teaching.

From a very young age Chico was to a variety of diverse environments from his rainforest home to Europe and the United Kingdom. His parent, both teaching and practising artists encouraged him to express himself through the arts as part of everyday life.

His talents were recognised early. He graduated from Southern Cross University in 2001 with a BA in sculpture. He taught Aboriginal art in various schools, organizations and communities, including Juvenile Justice and Long Bay Gaol 

His works are in the collection of Wollongong Art Gallery acquired through Wollongong City Council. 

He is the artist whose sculpture appears on the cover of The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood 3rd Edition entitled ‘No Photos Please’.