This is our 6th year of operation with the Koori Curriculum and we are more excited than ever. Our business is no longer a toddler with teething problems and growing pains and we are hitting the ground running in 2020.

January will see Jessica travelling to every state and territory delivering a unique bespoke workshop with Dr Red Ruby Scarlet based upon their latest book “The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide”. The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Day is a place for educators to rest and reflect on their reconciliation journey so far and make new goals and action plans for the year ahead.

In the year ahead the Koori Curriculum will also be hosting many public workshops and events throughout Australia. A goal for 2020 is to make our workshops easily accessible for as many educators as possible. This means revisiting old locations and adding new places to our public calendar.

The Koori Curriculum will also be launching a new online module series with Early Childhood Australia. This is a series of webinars for educators to view who are seeking ways to Embed Aboriginal perspectives in their program, connect with their local Aboriginal community and learn about our countries Aboriginal people, culture and history.

However, the highlight for the year ahead with the Koori Curriculum is of course our annual Aboriginal Early Childhood Conference. This year the theme is when STEM and culture meet. We have a line up of some incredible keynote speakers and have a range of tactile experiences planned to ignite all your senses.