Reconciliation Week 2023 Competition Winner

1st Prize Winner: Goodstart Quakers Hill

This year at Goodstart Quakers Hill we approached the theme of ‘A Voice for Generations’ and honoring the voices for those who fought for justice in the past by engaging in critical literature review with the children in our Bluegums (4-5’s) room.

We focused on the texts “Finding Our Heart” by Thomas Mayor and collected children’s thinking about the Uluru Statement from the Heart.  

We also explored “Say Yes” by Jennifer Castles and illustrated by Paul Seden. After reading this, beautiful images were inspired by the story and painted by the children.

We were so proud to share the voices and thoughts of our children with our local Elders last week.

Reconciliation Week 2023 Competition Winner

2nd Prize Winner: Monash Community Family Co-Operative

​GOAL: Awareness of who are the First Peoples of Australia

Experience 1: Oral story telling from the book ‘Sorry Sorry’ by Ann Kerr and Marda Pitt, emphasizing how the Aboriginal People were being Super Friends for sharing their land with us and expressing Gratitude through an Acknowledgement of Country.

GOAL: To link the prosocial skills of gratitude, help, kindness and share

Experience 2: Use the book “How the birds got their colours’ by Mary Albert, to engage children in
discussion about being Super friends

GOAL: To provide children the opportunity to use creative thinking and expressive language to revisit, recreate, retell the story or create a new story

Experience 3: Use Fine Arts such as making a bird sculpture using colourful feathers and black
playdough and other mediums such as drawing or painting, as per children’s choice.

Experience 4: A small-world play was set up with the book ‘How the birds got their colours’ for
children to use props in their retelling.

Experience 2: Provide the map of the world along with the props used during oral storytelling for
children to use in their storytelling.

Reconciliation Week 2023 Competition Winner

3rd Prize Winner: St Joseph’s Port Macquarie

At St Joseph’s Port Macquarie, we understood the theme of ‘A Voice for Generations’ to mean self inspired wisdom from the students stemming from greater knowledge. In Year 3 we explored the meaning of ‘Sorry Day’ and ‘Reconciliation Week’ to remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to make sure history is not repeated. Our Indigenous Education Support Workers were instrumental in sharing knowledge with the students about the past and how they can continue to develop the voice for the future. We understood the theme this year as needing a sense of ownership and throughout our teaching and learning we created an environment of safety for students to take pride and ownership of their ideas. A place where students and staff were able to ask questions to learn and our Indigenous Education Support Workers made sure these questions were valued and used them to teach us all how we can respectfully act. The students focused their brainstorming on being a voice for learning, action and land rights and through learning more about these issues created posters to make their voice heard. Following these creations the students presented their knowledge and ideas at our school prayer assembly where they spoke about these actions and inspired their school community to also be a voice for generations. This included an acknowledgement of Country by one of our Indigenous Education Support Workers in language translated by a non-indigenous student as one action in promoting reconciliation. We concluded our learning remembering that these actions are louder than words and by sharing these with others we all continue to grow.

Koori Curriculum's 2023 Reconciliation Week Competition


The 27th May-2nd June is Reconciliation Week and the theme for 2023 is Be the Voice for Generations. We invite you to make a submission showcasing how you've interpreted this years theme and are teaching children about Reconciliation in your school or early learning service.

The top 10 play experiences with the highest votes will go in the draw to win:

  1. 1st prize: A Group Ticket for up to 5 Attendees to the Koori Curriculum 2023 Book Summit.
  2. 2nd prize: A $100 voucher for the Koori Curriculum store.
  3. 3rd prize: A $50 voucher for the Koori Curriculum store.

How to enter:

  1. Write a blurb of up to 300 words or more outlining how you've interpreted this year's theme and are teaching children about Reconciliation in your school or early learning service.
  2. Include an image that supports your written entry

The competition will be open from the 22nd of May to the 10th of June for entries.

Voting will close on the 10th of June.

The winner will be announced on the 11th of June via our newsletter, Facebook and on our Instagram.