Planning Day

The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Day

It’s a new year, a fresh start and an opportunity to plan for a whole year of celebrating, deepening your understandings of, and embedding Aboriginal perspectives into your everyday practice.

You’ve read the book, you’ve done the training but where do you start? How do you get the rest of your team on board? How do you take the next step and go that little bit deeper?

This beautiful full day workshop takes you through The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide, a companion to The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide that has been designed to support you step by step to map out culturally significant days and their meanings, culturally appropriate experiences for children and families, the whole year through.

Practical strategies that focus on how to get your whole team involved, how to use the National Quality Standards and how to document your planning and experiences through reflective practice will be shared.  

Join Jessica Staines and Dr Red Ruby Scarlet co-editors and creators of The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective for an inspiring day of collaborative planning and reflection.

Each participant will receive their very own copy of the brand NEW The Aboriginal Early Childhood Planning Guide. The day will be spent guiding you through the five overarching principles from The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide and you will walk away with a plan for action.

The new planning guide will be your total road map to success...

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