Jamanee Gunya Appeal

Bushfire Appeal to rebuild Jamanee Gunya

It is with great sadness we inform our community that the bushfire disaster strangling our communities has taken a toll on a sacred piece of country owned by our good friend, Uncle Noel Butler. Uncle Noel is a Budawang Elder from the Yuin Nation and owner of the well-known property, Jamanee Gunya. We have just learnt that Jamanee Gunya has been lost in totality to the bushfires.

This tranquil piece of country located in the Budawang bush was abundant in wildlife, and place where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people came to learn how to read country, move with country and look after country in a one of a kind setting.

A home, a sacred site, a piece of Aboriginal history and a life’s work is gone.

Koori Curriculum has created a range of opportunities for community members to get involved and help out:

1. Purchase a limited time only webinar with free download with all proceeds donated directly to a fund that has been established to begin rebuilding what once was. You can find the webinar here for purchase.

2. Monetary donations are much appreciated and can be sent to the below appeal.


3. A range of products from Koori Curriculum can be purchased with all proceeds being donated to the above appeal. See these products here - https://kooricurriculum.com/collections/supporting-jamanee-gunya


You can find further information below about the property and the owner.



More about Jamanee Gunya

Jamanee Gunya was a truly one of a kind place. Somewhere where you could immerse yourself in the sheer tranquil beauty of the Budawang bush and abundant wildlife, located only minutes from pristine beaches and lakes.

Equipped with dormitory style accommodation and a large grassy grounds for camping the property was equipped with eco-friendly showers and toilets. 

The size of the property saw families, couples and groups up to 20 welcomed with meals freshly prepared on site. 

A place designed to be rich in culture, heritage and history Jamanee Gunya provided facilities to enhance educational programs with leanings about and offerings of:

  • Bush food walks and functions
  • Cultural camps
  • Cultural tours
  • Cultural workshops
  • Cooking demonstrations with traditional bush foods
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Performance
  • Speaking engagements
  • Sculpture
  • Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremonies

With such a wide variety of cultural offerings, the property was equipped with multiple artifacts of Aboriginal heritage and countless years worth of sculpture work all handmade by Noel and the tools he used to create them.  

The uniqueness of this property is felt worldwide with people coming from all corners to experience its beauty. Unfortunately, it is due to this uniqueness that the buildings were uninsurable at an affordable cost.



More about Uncle Noel and Trish

Uncle Noel Butler, is a Budawang Elder from the Yuin Nation. A qualified teacher, educator, mentor, horticulturist, chef and historian, Uncle Noel has together with his wife have been teaching, delivering programs and working with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults and children for over 35 years.

Gentle and caring souls, Uncle Noel and Trish have dedicated their lives to helping others through teaching and mentoring. They have opened their doors countless times over the years to people of all situations and needs. If their place of peace can help educate, reconnect or re-center your purpose then they will, and have, opened their arms selflessly.