Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives 2023 Winner

Mudgee Preschool

The class is interested in TRAVEL.

Recently a classmate left to go travelling around Australia with his family, another friend went to Uluru and Darwin during school holidays. The class have been very interested in the photos shared from these trips.

Dramatic play set-up - Preschool Travel Agency. Through play, children had the opportunity to book holidays to some amazing places in Australia and choose the mode of transport. "Explore Australia" posters and travel brochures were displayed. Each destination was identified by name, image and location on map. Destinations included were Uluru, Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, Snowy Mountains, Northern Territory, Karlu Karlu (Devil's Marbles), Lucky Bay W.A., Torres Strait Islands, Kakadu.

The children have been enthusiastic participants and play has been rich and engaging. We have observed meaningful interactions, imaginative and creative play, confident communication, curiosity/ questions, sharing of experiences and knowledge and commitment to learn more about our country.

As a group, we found these destinations on our AITSIS map and discussed. Other experiences offered last week have built on their interest such as music (Mitch Tambo Great Southern Land) and art.

Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives Competition


In our FB group The Koori Curriculum Educator Community we have a reoccurring weekly prompt "This week the children are interested in _____ and we embedded an Aboriginal perspective by____" which incites many educators to share the amazing ways they are embedding Aboriginal perspectives in their program.

This month we are asking you to make a submission sharing the wonderful ways that you are including cultural perspectives in context to children's interests.

The top 10 play experiences with the highest votes will go in the draw for 1 of them to win a group pass to the Koori Curriculum Book Summit!

How to enter:

  1. Write a blurb of up to 300 words or more outlining how you have created a play experience based on your Children's interests.
  2. Include an image of your play experience.

The competition will be open from the 12th to the 25th of June for entries.

Voting will close on the 2nd of July.

The winner will be announced on the 3rd of July via our newsletter, Facebook and on our Instagram.