The Koori Curriculum Club is an online community for educators to build their cultural capacity and confidence.

Each month will bring new content across a range of topics that will inspire educators to think creatively of the many ways that they can embed Aboriginal perspectives in their program.

The KC Club will include monthly master classes from guest speakers across a variety of topics including Anti Bias, Connecting with Country, Celebrations, Music and Movement, working with families, connecting with community and much more.

Additionally, there will be a book club for educators where we will critically reflect upon and discuss Blak literature.

Furthermore, the Koori Curriculum Club will provide lesson plans on common topics and interests such as transport, belonging and animals to provide ideas and insight on ways educators can embed Aboriginal perspectives in their program.

Members can also register for a live mentoring session where Director of the Koori Curriculum Jessica Staines will offer advise and custom strategies to help overcome challenges that they may face.

Doors open Mid-2022

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